Packing Day Party and Preparing for Pinegrove

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017

Halley’s Comet making buttons!

Happy Packing Day, everybody! It’s Cara and Luna B. here with a collaborative update on this busy busy day. Hey guys! Luna Bug here! Anytime you see italics you’ll know that its me! Let’s hear a little bit from Cara-

Last night’s Fair Day Dance was super awesome. It started off with a extra special performance from advanced rock band, a band made up of some rock band veterans. We all had a blast dancing the night away, hanging out on the swings, playing tether ball, and signing white books.

We woke up this morning to the traditional Packing Day breakfast- CINNAMON ROLLS! Wait, Cara- let’s not forget about what else happened at breakfast, besides the food. Crazily enough, just before we were about to head in for breakfast, we were were enshrouded in darkness because the power went out! Everyone remained calm, and we filed through the dining hall in the darkness, with the giant dragon deflating around us as we got our cinnamon rolls, cereal, juice, and whatever else our hearts desired. After about 10 minutes the backup generators kicked in (woohoo!) and there was once more light. We had a bit of schvitz last night, but by this morning it was completely sunny! It seems like the storm only lightly affected the power because by about 9am the power was totally back on. Back to you, Cara!

Thanks Luna! Anyway, once our bellies were full of the sweet, squishy, sticky goodness that is cinnamon rolls we headed over to the Front Yard for our last morning meeting of the summer. We began by thanking all the staff members (counselors, pro-staff, program directors, and AWACs, too!) for all of their hard work this summer. Each staff member was given a rose, a letter, and big hugs and cheers from the crowd. We are so grateful to have been surrounded by such an amazing team and support system all summer long.

To close the meeting we heard from some of the usual cabins, beginning with Taj Mahal’s “Thought de Jour.” And what a classic thought it was! The entire cabin got up there and imparted their wisdom: “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” What a perfect quote to encompass the end of camp! In traditional camp morning meeting style, we closed with Spirit Animal of the Day from Forbidden Planet. It was absolutely hilarious! The gang summoned the spirit of *drum roll please*: a Forbidden Planet rest period! They did this spirit animal schtick pretending to be the morning meeting Interest Groups announcement, complete with a spoof on the Meg’s Planet song and dance. They definitely went out with a bang and a whole lot of laughter.

After this special appreciation part of the meeting, we moved on to the logistical part of it. Everybody received instructions on proper luggage labeling, where to pick up art projects, and the location of the massive lost and found. After this, it was back to our cabins to pack up. Once we were packed, we brought our cubbies and mattresses outside for a good scrub, and gave our empty cabins a big sweep. We waited patiently to be inspected by the toughest inspectors yet- Peter, Meg, and the PDs! Once we passed inspection, we were dismissed to the dining hall for lunch.

After we re-energized with a yummy lunch which included some Fair Day leftovers (score!), we headed back to our cabins for rest period and a final cabin activity. Here’s what each cabin group got up to this afternoon:

LCH went for a hike to the Log Cabin

Loons played tennis baseball in Deer Meadows field

Avalon did the Tipi Zip line

Chateau Fiasco did an egg drop

Treasure Island decorated cabin t-shirts

Atlantis had a quesadilla party

Forbidden Planet worked on a photo board

Down Under made memory jars and filled them with memories from the session

Wombles made a poster of all of their handprints

Paquatahnee decorated cabin t-shirts

Gimme Shelter did an egg drop

French Quarter made memory balloons and had a dance party

Shangri-La planted a tree

Wabanaki decorated cabin t-shirts and had a final cabin hang out sesh

Halley’s Comet made buttons on the button maker and created a time capsule

Taj Mahal did warm and fuzzies under the geodesic dome

That is an awesome beginning of the day, Cara! Once everyone concluded their packing day activities we all headed to the Front Yard to for the biiiiig transportation meeting. This is the meeting where every single campers name is read out, and they are then told how they are getting home, and where their luggage is going. After this meeting all the luggage from around camp will be moved to the Front Yard to the appropriate designated areas in order to be easily loaded into buses, vans, and cars early tomorrow morning!

By around 5pm this will all be done, and we’ll meet for the final evening meeting of the session, and the summer! Cara and I just can’t believe it! After meeting we’ll all head over to the dining hall for the…LOBSTER BANQUET! Whether your choice is a lobster, spanakopita, or chicken parm, the lobster banquet is an absolute blast and an incredibly fun way to have a last dinner on camp. And lets not forget the best part, Luna! The feast is concluded with delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The dining hall will be full of hootin’ and hollerin’ as we bang on the tables to welcome Meg and Sandia dressed in their cow suits to hand out the sweet treats.

The evening program tonight is Closing Pinegrove. Pinegrove is a super special spot on camp. Past Tipi Hill, we have a big bonfire in a clearing of the woods. This is the place where we open and close camp with songs and stories in a technology-free zone. After dinner we’ll all gather at the base of the hill, walk up in silence, and share a final night together. We’ll hold the candle lighting ceremony in order to say goodbye to everyone on camp. 

After what should be a beautiful night, we’ll all head back to our cabins and get to sleep real quick because we have a 5am wakeup tomorrow! Yup, you heard it right, 5am! Well, that’s all from us! Stay tuned tomorrow for our last update of the session. For now, here are some photos from the Fair Day Dance and final cabin activities.

Signing off!

Luna and Cara B.

More Fair Day Fun and the Brumby Horse Show!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Jumbo puppets on Fair Day!

Hey, everyone! Cara B. here with a bite-sized update.

The Brumby Horse Show and Fair Day were both absolutely spectacular! We just finished cleaning up around camp and are sitting down to watch the big slide show before evening meeting and dinner. Luna and I just wanted to share the rest of the photos from all of the excitement today.

We’ll be back tomorrow with all the news from Packing Day and our final cabin activities.

‘Til next time!

Cara B. Ner

Racing Towards the End of the Road, and the End of Camp, on Fair Day!

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Jonah was our first camper to cross the finish line!

Hello, hello, and good morning!

It’s Luna Bug here with the scoop on everything that’s been going on since Cara B. last reported in.

Yesterday’s evening program was the Alive Show, and it was the perfect way to end an amainezing day! Our teen program Alive has been working tirelessly for the past 4 weeks on creating and developing a wonderful show, which was performed in front of the entire camp last night. It was so cool to see a performance created by, written, and acted by our fellow campers! Brava, Alive!

After the show the PDs said goodnight to us, and we all headed back to the cabins. On that walk back, however, the excitement was palpable as everyone was thinking forward to- drum roll, please- FAIR DAY!

Today is Fair Day! It is a glorious day that happens two days before Departure Day every session where the Backyard and Front Yard are turned into a kind of small-scale fairground. Each cabin is assigned a booth, and the cabin mates and counselors run it in shifts throughout the course of the fair.

Right now, morning meeting just ended and each cabin is off to pack a bit, and then set up their booths. Here’s what everyone’s running:

Taj– Kiss-o-grams

Forbidden Planet– Fried Dough

Haley’s Comet– Ice cream

Atlantis & Treasure Island Drinks booth

Valhalla DJ

Camelot Boot Toss

Shangri-La Face painting

French Quarter Poop Shoot

Avalon Pillow Jousting

Gimme Shelter Chocolate Fountain

Paquatahnee Slip & Slide

Loons Sumo Wrestling

Wombles Jelly Bean Count

LCH Moon Bounce

Down Under Name Change

Awacs Pretzels

On top of all of this there will also be an art show with all of the work from the art classes this whole session, and from Alive’s art classes. It’s going to be an awesome morning, and my mouth is already watering thinking about the Fried Dough and other treats i’m about to eat…

However, before we get going on Fair Day activities we have something else that’s super cool to do- the Brumby Horse show! There are 5 campers who have lived in their own cabins around camp, but everyday have gone to the horse barn, worked to clean up stalls and take care of the horses, and then developed a routine to be performed today! After the packing and setup, the whole camp will file up to the horse barn to watch the campers perform. Then we’ll all head back down to the Backyard to begin our fair day!

Once the fair concludes we’ll all cleanup, and then head back to the cabins for a rest period. After that we’ll go to the Rec Hall to watch the camp slide show that’s a compilation of all the photos from this session! There also will be a showing of the videos from the video classes over this session. Then, we’ll all head to the Backyard for evening meeting, then dinner, and then after that it will be time for the Fair Day Dance!

What a day we have ahead of us!

Ciao for now,

Luna Bug

Sharing Night, Maine Day, and Glow Bowling, Oh My!

Monday, August 14th, 2017


Good afternoon, amigos! It’s Cara B. with all the latest on this super sunny Lazy Day.

Last night we had an awesome Sharing Night. We had so many unique acts. There was a song from the basketball fun class, hip-hip, tap, and Irish dancing, an a-cappella performance, a fashion show put on by the knitting class, an interpreted song from the ASL class, a ukulele performance and a stage combat demonstration. We also watched the survival 101 class show off their “human burrito” hypothermia wrap skills, saw the Shibori (Japanese tie-dye) class’ beautiful works of art, heard the guardians of the gardens class talk about protecting Meg’s Planet from an invasive species of beetle, watched some improv, and finished the night with a sing-a-long led by the Disney singing class.

Whew! Good thing we all got to sleep in this morning after a big week of classes and a long night of sharing. We woke up and headed over to the dining hall for an outdoor breakfast of cranberry muffins and scrambled eggs. After our bellies were full, the younger half headed off camp for glow bowling! We all had a blast hanging out, bowling with friends, and grabbing a bite at the snack bar, all under the groovy disco lights of the alley.

After breakfast and a big cabin clean, the older half gathered in the Backyard for Maine Vacation Day! There were so many amazing Maine themed activities. There was a huge “ah-rt” station, which included Maine license plate making, lobster and Blue Sky can magnet making, button making, and tons of supplies to get our creative juices flowing. There was also lavender pillow making, Maine lawn games like corn hole and can jam, a Maine tourist photo booth, campfire songs, and a taste test of a classic Maine favorite, Moxie soda. Some loved the root beer-like treat, while others looked disgusted and said it tasted like toothpaste. Either way, it was super fun to spend time with friends and celebrate our home away from home.

After a morning of excitement, the whole camp met back in the Backyard for a picnic-style lunch and an extra long rest period. Right now, the younger half is enjoying a Backyard hang, while the older half is chilling down by the pool. Overall, we had a fabulous last Lazy Day to round out the session.

Tonight after a yummy pizza dinner, we’ll meet at the Rec Hall to watch the Alive show! Every summer, our arts teen program works on a themed show to exhibit all of their hard work this summer. Luna and I are wondering what the theme will be this year… All will be revealed in just a few hours! For now, enjoy some photos from yesterday’s basketball game, Sharing Night, glow bowling, and Maine Vacation Day!

Climbing away!


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