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Yuck! Yum! So much going on here at HVC!

Friday, July 17th, 2015
Who is the grossest of them all?

Who is the grossest of them all?

Hi there! Olive Oyl here with lots of Lazy Day news for you! It’s an exciting day here at camp with the older half voyaging to Great Skates for some roller blading and skating fun, and the younger half staying on camp for the HVC favorite, Gross Day!

First off, we had a fantastic evening last night with electives! We had a whole range of super fun activities, with classics like Capture the Flag, a pool party, a creek walk, and glass beads. We also had some lake adventures, soccer fun, basketball, and baking cookies. We also had Peter’s Secret tour, where campers had the chance to ride around in the Green Pig, traveling to all the forbidden spots around camp, like the roof of the dining hall, the basement where we store all the Blue Sky, and our awesome, but dwindling, stockpile of snow at the end of the world. We also had some mini birdhouse making, glass blowing, and making pendants out of rocks. Lastly, we had some touch rugby led by our international counselors, Quidditch, and the Tipi Zip. We all gathered up at the end of the night in the Rec Hall, to share what type of fun we were up to and to sing a camp classic, The Farthest Field, before heading off to bed.

This morning the older half got dressed in their best long pants and high socks for Great Skates! They’ll be skating around all morning, munching on some roller rink snacks, and will be back at camp shortly in time for lunch. They’ll then have cabin clean and rest period and join the younger half for pool activities in the afternoon.

Our younger had a nice sleep-in this morning, had a quick cabin clean, and then headed to the backyard area for gross day! There’s a bunch of yucky activities going on, like the gross obstacle course, condiment twister, shaving cream barbershop, and the mystery box. There’s also slime balloons, the dunk tank, and of course, a slip n’ slide to wash away all of the grossness. Or, for those who remained covered in all their gross glory, we have a Gross competition, where the Grossest Camper is chosen and awarded a giant hug from their fellow gross companions. We’ll soon be having the “counselor carwash” where counselors will line up and wash kids off with hoses…it’s a lot of fun for both parties involved. After getting all nice and clean, we’ll have lunch, rest period, and spend the afternoon down at the pool, joyously reunited with the older half.

This evening we’ll chow down on our delicious lazy day feast of Mexican food before headed off to watch some wacky magic with Peter Boie! We can’t wait to see what tricks he has up his sleeve…

That’s all for now, folks! Check back tomorrow for Roller Rink pictures and news on all the exciting things coming up for the end of camp and how we’re (sadly) starting to wrap things up. For now, check out all the awesome photos of electives and gross day! (Plus a special spotlight on survival class, where they learned which types of potato chips burned the best in a campfire!)

With gross amounts of love,



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