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Womble, baby, womble!

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Welcome to Wombles!

Greetings, HVC! Hummingbird here with your update on all things CAMP! Today I want to tell you about our newest cabin on camp, THE NEW WOMBLES!! Over the off season, kitchen mavens Chris and Mike worked hard to build a replacement Wombles cabin in the backyard, to be revealed and inhabited this summer. Well, we are happy to say that construction is complete and the cabin is in working order for campers to arrive!

We wanted to welcome our new cabin to camp, but how? BY THROWING A CABIN-WARMING RAVE, OF COURSE! Equipped with glow sticks and lemonade, our staff warmed Wombles with a surprise dance party on Tuesday evening! Now Wombles is set and ready for camper dance parties!

Take a look at some pictures of our dance party, and the complete cabin! Also check out some pictures of our ropesy people up in the trees!

I’m off to crack some more glow sticks!

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