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What’s a Grab-Bag Skit?

Sunday, July 11th, 2021

Top of the afternoon to you, friends! Carolina the duckling here, reporting for blogging duty. Last night was one of my favorite evening programs yet: grab-bag skits! I had no idea what this meant when I heard it announced, but Jack the donkey filled me in. Check this out: each cabin received a bag of props and costumes that they had to use to create a skit together, which they performed for other cabins. The skits were hilarious! I’m hoping the animals can do one as well next time. The program directors snapped a few photos that they wanted me to share with you.

Today was also the second day of classes, and Elise’s first-period advanced photo class went on a special excursion to Belfast to take photos down by the harbor. What a treat for them!

Tonight is Cabin Night, so I’ll have lots to report tomorrow. Looking forward!

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