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What’re the Magic Words???

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Hello, HVC!!

Gopher Girl here with one of the most crucial session updates: last night’s evening program was the famous Wheel of Misfortune! Wanna know what that is? I’ll tell you! Every session, The Wheel of Misfortune gathers the entire camp for a terrifying show, entertaining activities, and lots of prizes. There were “llama sacrifices,” murder, chanting, and a head set on fire! Every session, counselors devote a lot of effort and time into organizing this bizarre, disgusting, and fun night for the entire camp.

Campers volunteered to come up and play games in between the scenes of the show (during which counselors performed various “rituals” to initiate each other into a cult, vow their allegiance to the group, and finally take down the cult leader). Gruesome, a being that only emerges from camp’s sewers to assist with the Wheel, decides on who participates. Any camper who says Peter’s “magic words” had a pie to the face throughout the show. It was fantastic! Check out the pictures at the bottom of the post to see what all the excitement is about!

Anyway, today was greeted with almost as much excitement as last night. With the weather cooling off, today has been the ideal lazy day, with the younger half enjoying a fun spy-day filled with games like the laser obstacle course, making codes, and wearing disguises, while the older half went bowling.

I’ll tell you more and give you an update on tonight’s Valleyfest, the camp’s very own talent show, tomorrow. I was hoping to perform my own personal rendition of “Since U Been Gone,” but my little gopher vocal chords couldn’t handle the musical stylings of the great Kelly Clarkson.

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!


Gopher Girl

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