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Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!!

Thursday, August 18th, 2016


Good morning, folks!! Humming Bird here, bright and early this morning!

Camp awoke at 5:00– some of us woke up to the sound of music, provided by Taj and Forbidden! Thanks, guys! We ate our breakfasts as the sun rose over the Red Barn, and we did the Funky Chicken as all of our buses took off, full of happy campers!

Last night we feasted on none other but LOBSTER (or chicken parmesan or spanakopita) and BEN AND JERRY’S (or a dairy-free alternative)!!!!!! Then we had a beautiful Pine Grove– of course, there were a few tears. But all of last night’s weeping was merely evidence of the amazing summer we’ve had together! And now our campers are on their way home to you all, ready to tell you about all the amazing experiences they had here in the Valley!

Onward to logistics! Now that all the Funky Chickens have been danced, and second breakfast is in our bellies, our remaining campers are awaiting their parents’ arrival, watching a movie in the Red Barn! Meanwhile, counselors are working hard to pack up the rest of camp! We’re moving in the H-dock at the lake, we’re putting all the picnic tables under the deck of the Dining Hall, we’re cleaning all our facilities, and we’re checking in with all our chaperones, so that we can give you accurate updates on the estimated arrival times of the buses and planes! You’ll be hearing from us if you’re expecting a camper today!

Until then, enjoy these pictures from our LOBSTER BANQUET! And from DEPARTURE DAY!

I’m off to whistle while I work!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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