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Vowels and pancakes and everything nice!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016


Good morning, good morning! Humming Bird here with your inside scoop!

Last night was a blast at the dance! We had vowels here– vowels there– vowels flying everywhere! We had a cabin of eggs, multiple unicorns, an apple, artists, ice cream, a skunk who couldn’t spell, and Alice in Wonderland! Check out photos of the night!

Today we awoke to a lovely breakfast of PANCAKES!! YUMMY! Check out pics of our feast! Also, check out photos of Alive’s trip to the Colby College art museum!!

Tonight we’re looking forward to cabin night! Stay tuned for photos and updates about what all our cabins get up to!

Until then, may your day be filled with pancakes and butterflies!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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