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Updates on our 75th Anniversary Reunion!

Monday, October 2nd, 2023


Howdy HVC! It’s been some time, but I’m back with a recap of an exciting event: our 75th Anniversary Alumni Reunion!

A few weekends ago, former campers, AWACs, and counselors (some from as long as fifty-odd years ago!) gathered at camp to meet old and greet new friends, reminisce on shared memories, and generally relive the singular magic of camp!

After an early breakfast on Friday, some early arrivals headed down the road to the Common Ground Fair in Unity before collecting back at HVC to collect their special reunion t-shirt and settle in for the weekend!  🙂 As usual, a delightful dinner was preceded by a quip-equipped Camp Meeting–complete with the first reunion Word of the Day. Then in the tradition of staff training, the night was capped off by an all-smiles Contra Dance in the Rec Hall followed by a blazing bonfire at the French Quarter fire pit, where many a song was sung!

Word of the Day: Frostalgia!

On Saturday, the Reunioners hopped on the time travel express (e.g. miraculously instant transport), landing just in time for morning Camp Meeting! When all logistics were taken care of and a wellspring of traditions evoked, a busy day of classes commenced! With Electives-style options like Photograms, Glass Beads/Mosaics, Jamming with Jacob and Yoga/Meditation; Interest Group-style pursuits like a Hike to the Blueberry Field or Log Cabin, Knockout, Tie Dye & Friendship Bracelets and Pickleball; and classic activities like Swimming, Kayaking/Paddleboarding, Ropes and Promos, camp was brimming with energy (and glittering with nostalgia)!

In highlights-reel fashion, a deserved lunch was followed by Fair Day Jr. in the Backyard and, in a memorable twist, Happy Hour with Peter and Meg at the Sandbox 😉 The joyous romp down Memory Lane Camp Road version continued with the grand occasion of the Lobster Banquet that evening, topped off with not only Ben & Jerry’s, but a heartfelt Pinegrove up the Hill.

Though the cheery campers departed the next day, bound for home in eclectic places and robust (adult) lives, their affection and enthusiasm for camp could be felt for indefinitely after. ‘Till next year former (and forever) campers – we love you too!

I’ll be in touch with updates next month! In the meantime, hope that everyone stays warm and swell as spooky (and cozy!) season settles upon us in the Northeast.

All the best,

H. V. Scribe

The Reunion crew all around camp!

The Lobster Banquet!

The Contra Dance!

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