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Trampin’ to the Meg Gala

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

Hi there!

Yesterday evening, we enjoyed a riveting folk song performance by Kim and Alistair, Reggie’s substitute while he’s on tour, which had all of camp swaying to the rhythms as well as singing, miming and dancing along to familiar and new tunes: a glorious sight it was 🙂

Today, the soulful vibes carried over into morning meeting when campers and staff joined in on Kim & Alistair renditions of a chicken-themed ditty and the moving chorus of ‘Trampin’.’


Immediately after, the swell and sunny day kicked off with our fourth day of classes if you can believe it! Meanwhile, this evening we’re gearing up our excitement and glam for – queue the applause – HVC’s very own Meg Gala!

At this Meg-inspired HVC spinoff of the iconic Met Gala, there will be paparazzi and fashion interviews, a photo booth and red carpet plus face-painting, beaded bracelet crafting and backyard frisbee. It’s bound to be epic – keep your eyes peeled for footage tomorrow!

Looking ahead, tomorrow will feature another Cabin Night during which cabins will get to cozy up, get active and everything in-between as we take full advantage of these enchanting, balmy summer nights with skies to match ✨


H. V. Scribe


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