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Trampin’ Into the First Day of Classes!

Friday, July 6th, 2018

Kim and Reggie!

Top of the morning! It’s Mama Iguana here to tell you about the rest of pajama day and the start of the first day of classes!!

Once cabins had a nice relaxing rest period, each cabin did a different cabin activity. The activities were very similar to cabin night but they happened during the day instead! Here is a list of what every cabin did. Make sure to check out the photos from the activities, as well!

Wombles did an egg drop.

Avalon built a rocket.

Gimme Shelter played water games.

Loons went to the lake.

Atlantis attended a Kim and Reggie Workshop.

Chateau Fiasco played Telestrations in the air conditioned office.

Treasure Island had a story telling collaboration.

Forbidden Planet went to the lake.

Down Under baked cookies.

Paquatahnee did an egg drop.

The Burrow made t-shirts.

Shangri La played sprinkler games.

LCH had a spa day.

French Quarter finished their cabin poster.

Fiddlers Green did henna and painted nails.

Valhalla attended Kim and Reggie’s workshop.

Camelot went on a creek hike.

Wabanaki played water games.

Taj Mahal did some yoga.

Haley’s Comet made dreamcatchers.

Last night, after some yummy Mexican food, everyone sat in their usual spots for camp meeting by the gazebo to see Kim and Reggie! Kim and Reggie are a great duo that sings some of camp’s favorite songs. From “Wade In The Water” to “If I Had a Hammer”, everyone was out of their crazy creeks and dancing the night away. They even sang us one of the classics, “Trampin'”, this morning during meeting! Kim and Reggie will be back second session but man, I will really miss them while they’re gone.

Today is the start of a new round of classes! We woke up this morning to lots of schvitz but everyone made it safely into the dining hall for breakfast. Egg bar fueled all the campers as they are off attending all their new classes. I can’t wait to hear all about everyone’s days!

Well, that’s my update! Cara B. and I will keep in touch about the upcoming activities: electives tonight and who knows, maybe the candy drop?!? It’s about time. Check out photos below from pool activities, cabin day activities, and Kim and Reggie!

Peace out, river trout!

Mama Iguana

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