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Thriving and Arriving!

Saturday, June 25th, 2022

What’s new HVC families?


Things have been go(phering) beyond well here at Hidden Valley. Campers have finally made it from all over to start their unforgettable summers at camp. 


They arrived from planes, buses, and cars–everywhere from France to Thailand to Massachusetts to California. 



Those who arrived last night and this morning spent the majority of their day getting to know their fellow campers and counselors, playing frisbee and cornhole, making friendship bracelets, and playing all sorts of board games. 


Similar to some of the campers, I was disappointed to find out that Candyland does not involve actual candy. I had to pick some leaves on the way back to my hole for lunch instead because I still haven’t convinced Peter and Meg to let me into the dining hall. 


Campers spent the rest of their day settling into their cabins and getting to know the groups they will be spending so much time with over the next couple of weeks. It was great to see the way that old friends reunited and new friendships formed so quickly. 



Campers got to eat their first delicious dinner at HVC. Today’s dinner was fried chicken with sides of potatoes, broccoli, and salad. I personally loved the carrot cake dessert!


Later at night, staff performed Opening Night Skits to introduce the campers to all of the classes that they will be teaching over the first half of the session. Some favorites include Rock Band, Basketball, Glass Beads, Stained Glass and The Musical. The opportunities are endless. I personally will be sneaking into Hip Hop classes because one of my chipmunk cousins is getting married this month and I think I’d like to brush off my sick talent before it’s time to show off on the dance floor. 



Tomorrow, campers will get to sign up for the classes they are interested in and introduced to  at Opening Night Skits. They will also take a camp tour, have a cabin meeting, complete swim evaluations, and attend Pine Grove, an event filled with sharing music, stories and poetry around a big fire. Cabins often like to prepare songs or some art form to share with the rest of camp during Pine Grove and I can’t wait to see what each cabin has to offer. 


Certainly campers will have more than enough excitement to write about in their first letters home. 



Speaking of mail, I’ve got to go check mine. I’m expecting a chipmunk wedding invite. 


Catch you letter!



Gopher Girl


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