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These campers are laaaaaaaazy….

Thursday, August 4th, 2016


Hello, on this SUUUUUUUPER DUPER lazy day! Humming Bird here in my pajamas to tell you all about this special two-week mark of the session!! There is plenty going on here on camp today! For some of our campers, this marks the perfect halfway point smack in the middle of the session! For others, this is the last day of their time here in the Valley this summer (whether they were 6- or 2-weekers!) For still others, this is the VERY FIRST DAY OF CAMP, as the last of our 2-weekers make their way into camp!

And what about the rest of us, who are neither coming nor going? Well, we’re all just chillin’ and havin’ fun! We’ve got some SUPER LAZY activities, as we relax by the pool! We’ve got friendship bracelet string, a slip ‘n’ slide, parachute games, and of course we have swimming! We’re also keeping busy with class sign ups for the next two weeks, and a book drive! Campers get to pick out a book and a camp T-shirt! How fun!

After our pool activities (and lunch, of course!) we’ll enjoy some special cabin activities! Here’s what your campers will be up to…
Loons and Paquatahnee will be working with this evening’s performer, Peter Boie (a magician!), and they’ll show us what they’ve come up with during evening program tonight!
Wombles is doing some destruction around camp!
Chateau Fiasco is playing with the Deer Meadows catapult!
Treasure Island is creating an Apocalypse Now 2!
Atlantis is going for a hike and a swim!
Shangri-La will lounge around the cabin with some spa day activities
Forbidden Planet gets to take a stroll in town, as they explore Belfast!
French Quarter is taking a trip down tipi zip!
Fiddler’s Green will be painting nails and hanging out as a cabin
Valhalla is doing screen printing
Camelot is having an afternoon in the Camelot Spa
Taj Mahal is going to the lake
Down Under, The Burrow, LCH and Avalon
all have something in common… they are receiving an extraordinary amount of campers in each cabin, so rather than doing a cabin activity, those cabins will have a mini orientation day for their new campers! They’ll take a tour, get used to the lay of the land, and meet all the important faces of the Valley!

Let’s backtrack really quickly and talk about last night! It was a BEAUTIFUL sharing night, with a whopping 22 acts! Check out the photos– it was a SUPER special night!

Okay, fast forward approximately 24 hours after Sharing Night… TONIGHT! We’ve got PETER BOIE! He’s this SUPER cool magician who’s gonna come and work his magic on the crowd! Stay tuned for pictures of his act!

In the meantime, I’m off to splash around in the pool a bit! Enjoy the pictures of our sharing night last night– and stay tuned for photos of today’s activities, coming atcha tomorrow!

Humming along,

Humming Bird

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