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The Wheels are-a Moving!

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Ciera, our lovely horse director, saying hello to one of our new arrivals.

Good afternoon friends far and wide! Olive Oyl here with lots of exciting news for you folks back at home (wherever that may be!).

We’ve been welcoming creatures of all kinds (humans and horses, mostly, plus the occasional dozen donuts from folks passing through Portland) to camp over the past few days. We’ve had both returning and new staff arrive over the past few days, who are settling into their new cabins and already hard at work. Our Community counselors have been meeting and starting to plan for their awesome session together, meanwhile our other teen program Alive has got the ball rolling on their amazing summer of music, theater, and art. The ropes staff put up the final element of the course today and are super excited to start training their staff (be sure to check out cool photos of Seth, our ropes director, way up high!).

Yesterday we all chipped in to move the docks into the lake. Admittedly it was a little chilly, but the group effort paid off and we can’t wait for another summer in the water. And our horse staff has been greeting trailers-full of horses over the past two days, and they’ve been down at the barn getting all our new and old horsies adjusted and ready for all the staff and campers.

This afternoon I took a little trip down to our parking lot where I was shocked to find it was “snowing” in June! The “snow” was actually pollen flurries from the trees, but be sure to catch the photos and video (on our Facebook page) of a “snow-covered” parking lot and stream down by the entrance of camp.

Can’t wait to keep sharing with you all as our staff grows larger and all the pieces begin fall into place!

Signing off,



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