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Monday, August 6th, 2018

You said the magic word!

Good afternoon my lovely friends! It’s Mama Iguana here and I have a super awesome post awaiting because last night was… The Wheel of Misfortune!!! Let’s get started on my hopefully not-so-lengthy explanation of what the wheel is all about.

Every session, one of the shifts of counselors puts in a lot of hard work and time to create a wacky, gross but fun night for all of camp. Half of it is a performance put on by some of staff and the other half is full of crazy activities for campers. There is always a theme and this session’s theme was …(drum roll please)… a hospital with an evil doctor who runs human experiments on patients!  The rec hall was transformed into a sterile-looking waiting room, surgery room, and even labor delivery area! I’ll probably say this more than once, but make sure you check out the photos at the end of the post to see what all the excitement is about.

Before the show even started, campers gathered outside the rec hall and patiently waited while we had some amazing outside acts. Natalie was throwing pinto beans from the roof, Jacob was passing out fake medicine envelopes, Charlotte was sitting in a kiddy pool of red dyed water blood, Eliana and Julia were wandering around with fake amputated limbs, and there were guards standing outside the door to make sure no one snuck in before the show began.

Once everyone found their seats in the rec hall, the show commenced. Haley Dr. Otis came in with her friendly(?) nurse to introduce their hospital. There was a counselor giving birth to a lobster, intestines coming out of a patient, heads being shaved, a burn victim, and so much more crazy things happening. In between each act, there were some really awesome activities. Gruesome, our lovely friend (check out a photo of him below), chose volunteers victims to the stage to participate. There was a game of spit, using a straw to transfer juice blood into blood bags, eating chocolate pudding out of a diaper, searching for hot dogs organs in a gross bucket, bobbing for eyeballs, and so much more!

As the show came to an end, Luke quietly sneaked up behind Peter and poured a pitcher of water on his head… It was hilarious! At the end of the show, everyone moved to the rec hall deck for the firing, literally and figuratively, of Dr. Otis! Thanks to Carla, one of our pottery pro staff, there was a beautiful clay lobster on a hat made and put safely on the head of Dr. Otis. No people or animals were harmed in the making of this awesome evening program!

Anyways, as exciting as last night was, there was even more excitement today! Today’s lazy day for the younger half got changed mid way through from Mario Party day to a water games day! It’s been a very warm, sunny day and it made sense to keep everyone in the shade and cooled off with water balloon games, drip drip drop, and lots more! The older half went to Lake St. George to go for a nice swim and chill by the lake. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow, along with an update on tonight’s Valleyfest, Hidden Valley Camp’s very own talent show!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the lazy day and to watch the incredible talent all of the campers have but for now, take a look at photos below!

See ya sunshine!

Mama Iguana

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