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The Start of a Great Lazy Day

Thursday, July 31st, 2014
The campers in the Junior Firefighters class learning about firetrucks!

The campers in the Junior Firefighters class learning about firetrucks!


Hi all! Snoop Cat here with a brief report…

Today is the first lazy day of second session! We started our morning off right with a later-than-normal breakfast made up of warm croissants, homemade jam, and a delicious cinnamon oatmeal with freshly cut apples, along with our everyday spread of fresh bananas, oranges, melon, and a variety of different cereals. All of the cabins are currently doing a big cabin clean before they get inspected and begin their activities for the day.

Since it’s a lazy day and we’re all feeling pretty lazy, our longer dispatch for the day will be coming in sometime around dinner. Stay tuned for some more lazy day news!

Signing off for now…

Snoop Cat

P.S. The local volunteer fire department was kind enough to pay us a visit yesterday so our Junior Firefighters class could learn more about firetrucks and firefighters! Junior Firefighters is one of our amazing classes that is offered during the first two weeks of second session. They learn about fire safety and even get to investigate all of the fire extinguishers on camp. Check out the photo above and stay tuned for more class updates later today!

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