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The Laziest of Lazy Days and All About Sharing Night!

Thursday, July 10th, 2014
Rock Band jamming out!

Rock Band jamming out!

Hey there, friends! Olive Oyl here with a bunch of lazy day news!

Pajama Day got off to a great start this morning, with cabins showing up fully decked out in their comfiest attire at breakfast. Be sure to check out the photos of loons in their funky headwear! After breakfast we headed over the pool for a special pool activities, with a game of Capture the Flag, Parachute games, Tennis, and of course Slip N’ Slide, reading circles, and friendship bracelets. We also filtered in and out of the red and white tent to sign up for classes, get a camp t-shirt, and a book. We also welcomed our new two-weekers, who settled into their cabins, headed to the pool for swim evals and the nurses for head checks, and met all of their new counselors and bunkmates! We’re so excited to have new faces joining us, and what a perfect and relaxing day for them to arrive!

After a yummy lunch and cabin clean and rest period, we had cabin day activities! It’s been a gorgeous day and we have definitely utilized the beautiful weather getting in the water and being outdoors. Wombles were building robot suits and Avalon went for a ride on the Tipi Zip. LCH went on a creek walk and partook in the workshop with the Half Moon Jug Band, our musical performers for the evening, so we’ll hear what they worked on tonight. Loons played knockout and helped our AWAC Max and Dan the Pottery Man with the new water fountain by the Hilton. Bermuda Triangle worked on a cabin sign and Chateau Fiasco went to the lake for some extreme art and sugar bananas. Wabanaki skipped lunch on camp and had a picnic lunch at nearby Frye Mountain. Forbidden Planet worked in the woodshop making signs for their cabin bathroom. Down Under did a camp tour and circle games, as all of their campers are new two-weekers. The Burrow did a giant finger paint and Paquatahnee did Tipi Zip and an Amazing Race scavenger hunt. French Quarter was also a part of the Half Moon Jug Band workshop, plus they made chocolate chip cookies. Fiddler’s Green did some tie-dye and Shangri-La decorated cabin t-shirts and had a dance party in the Foothills. Valhalla decorated picture frames for cabin photos and Camelot had a spa at the lake, complete with face masks, cucumbers, and painting nails. Deer Meadows played Charades and made root beer floats and Taj Mahal made some glass beads. Lastly, Haley’s Comet went off camp all day for a lovely trip to Isleboro (pictures to come tomorrow!).

We had a very exciting evening last night with the first Sharing Night, where we saw all kinds of classes show us what they’ve produced the past couple of weeks. The Tipis program came up and spoke about what they’ve been up to atop Tipi Hill (and beyond!). We also had skits from skateboarding, running, and Mosaics. We also saw videos from HVC TV and Video classes, plus Fort Building and Archery. And we of course had our many dance classes show us their moves, like contemporary, ballet, tap, lyrical, and even our Zumba class. We also had some drama with The Play and The MusicalĀ giving us a taste of their final shows, plus the Monologue class. We also heard from our music classes, guitar and ukulele. Our rock band classes performed at lunch yesterday, where they rocked out in the gazebo featuring many instruments, such as trombone, trumpet, and of course, guitar, bass, and drums.

With the last day of classes yesterday we also had some fun stuff at evening meeting, like Iron Chef’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. This is where the class makes three dishes, one tasting good and looking good, one tasting good and looking bad, and one looking bad and tasting bad. The judges are unaware as to which dish is which and must try them all. Lucky them! Be sure to check out the pictures of these delightful dishes.

Well, that’s all for now! We’re off to enjoy the grooves of the Half Moon Jug Band and get a good night’s sleep (we’re already in our pajamas, so it should be pretty easy). More to come tomorrow!

So long,


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