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The Fairest Fair Of Them All

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Greetings, folks! News correspondent Olive Oyl here with your second Fair Day update!

The Brumby horse show went fantastically this morning, with campers showing off all of their tricks and skills on the beautifully decorated horses, manes complete with flowers and braids. After the show we dived right into fair day, where we munched on lots of yummy food and partook in super fun activities. Taj Mahal did their classic kiss-o-grms, Valhalla was manning the marriage booth, and Shangri-La got soaked with the dunk tank. Chateau Fiasco and Gimme Shelter got competitive with pillow jousting and sumo wrestling. Loons did the slip and slide on Tipi Hill and Down Under face painted. Haley’s Comet kept the party alive DJ-ing in the Gazebo. Avalon did the Moon Bounce in the backyard while Paquatahnee helped those having identity crises with name changes. French Quarter predicted the future with fortune telling and recorded guesses for the Jelly Bean Count…it ended up being a tie between Camelot and Paquatahnee, who will each get 609 and a half jelly beans (the total was 1,218 and both cabins guessed 1,200). In terms of food, there was lots going on with Forbidden Planet doing their standard fried dough, Treasure Island carting around pretzels, and Camelot scooping ice cream. Atlantis did the drinks booth, Fiddler’s Green had the chocolate fountain, and LCH had mozzerella and popcorn. In addition to all of this grub, there were corn dogs, hot dogs, and sausages…so much yum, so little time!

After Fair Day we headed back to our cabins for some down time and a little bit of packing. We then congregated in the rec hall to watch the camp slideshow and footage from video classes. After enjoying a delicious dinner of chicken burgers, onion rings, salad with cranberries and walnuts, and home-baked cookies, we will have our Fair Day Dance in the backyard…I can’t wait to jam out to some awesome tunes!

Tomorrow is Packing Day, which as you may have guessed means lots of packing, moving our luggage, and cabin cleaning. Tomorrow night’s evening program is closing Pine Grove, which is sure to bring up wonderful memories of the summer as we prepare to say goodbye to this amazing place we call Hidden Valley.

With all of this end of camp business going on, our next few updates may be a little scarce, but we’ll be in touch as often as we can!

Now for some sweet Fair Day photos plus pictures from yesterday’s trip at the Roller Rink!

Until We Meet Again,


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