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Saturday, June 25th, 2016


GOOD EVENING, FOLKS! Humming Bird here with all your late night camp news!

For the first time ever in recorded history, the New York buses arrived at camp EARLY! And with that, EVERYONE IS HERE! Our cabins are full, our campers are all tucked in and comfy for bedtime, and our staff is beginning to put all this training to good use!

We had a BEAUTIFUL first evening meeting, a yummy delicious first dinner (FRIED CHICKEN AND POTATOES! THANK YOU CHRIS AND LILIAN!), and a hilarious first evening program! Opening Night Skits were hilarious– check out pictures! Lucy, Moses and Katie performed their schtick flawlessly, they were time travelers (think: Groundhog Day) who used their newfound power to go back and enjoy EVERY area of camp. We had a cameo performance by our Music staff, who played and sang the song Valerie by Amy Winehouse. We also enjoyed a special skit advertising our Tipis program! We’ll see which campers will be going up the hill to join McKenzie and Rebecca in the tipis this summer!

Tomorrow everyone will wake up to a yummy yummy bagel breakfast prepared by Chris, Lilian and the kitchen staff, and we’ll all head off to class sign ups, swim evaluations, photos and head checks… No ookoos here! (That means lice!)

I’ll check in again tomorrow to update you on all the haps here at Hidden Valley… but for now, I’ve got to go get some sleep– I’m no night owl!

Until tomorrow, friends!

Humming Bird

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