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Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Sorry for the delayed post, humans! I was having so much fun tonight at the Fair Day dance that I got started blogging later than usual. Last night was our second theatrical production of the session, which campers and counselors had been working on for all four weeks: the musical! The show this time around was Mary Poppins and heavens, did they do a wonderful job! I generally stay close to the animal pen, but a couple chipmunk buddies of mine scurried past and reported back on the terrific music, the acting, and how hard everyone worked – including the Backstage Ninjas, who were once again on hand to make everything run smoothly. Bravo to the directors, cast, and crew! Want to hurry up and get this out to you, but you can look forward to Fair Day pics tomorrow – what busy fun the last days of camp are!

Kiddie pool splashes from me to you,

Carolina D.

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