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Staff Training Has Officially Begun!

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
Meg and the rescued bird!

Meg and the rescued bird!

Hi there, friends! Olive Oyl here with some exciting camp news.

We’ve begun to shift from pre-camp to staff training mode, with everybody moving into new cabins and greeting new faces! It’s been a warm and sunny day here in Maine, and we’ve had some preparatory work projects around camp like cleaning up the red barn and rec hall to get ready for all our new staff and of course our wonderful campers, although those shining faces are still a few weeks away. We’ve already had a handful of staff trickle in last night and this morning, but we’re expecting a whole bunch more later on today. All of our lifeguard, horse, and ropes trainers have arrived, so those areas of camp are beginning to get ready for the summer. The horse staff has been working especially hard getting the new horses ready and taking care of a beautiful stray bird (be sure to check out the pictures!). We’ve also been continuing our hard work at the new snack shack and pizza oven, which currently looks like an igloo as it’s in its final stages of completion.

This afternoon we’ll be holding interest groups with some sing-a-longs, name tag making, and friendship bracelets (just like camper arrival day!) to welcome our new counselor friends. We’ll also be giving inaugural tours and settling into our cabins to get everyone adjusted to this wonderful place that we’ll be calling our home for the next few months. The pace is picking up around camp, and we’re so excited to meet our new community members and get the summer rolling!

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