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Staff arrivals, camp prep, and more!!

Tuesday, May 30th, 2023


The lilacs are everywhere!

Dear HVC Families,

The valley is colorful as can be with the trees and flowers in bloom, and our first staff arrivals are already here! 

HVC is excited to welcome Nammy as our new Ropes Director for the year, who is now busy getting settled in and prepping the area for staff training. 

Nammy and Daniel, the first staff to arrive, got a tour of the property with Anna, a longtime camper, AWAC, and now office helper!

Nammy and Daniel check out the camp store!

In other news, my animal friends have been arriving at camp and I couldn’t be more stoked. 

Just the other day, we were joined by this year’s ducklings. Tui and Sola (our youngest campers) have been busy getting to know them. For now, the ducklings are hanging out in the office where it’s warmer, before heading to the animal barn later in June. 

Maisie and Pearl, our miniature donkeys, have also returned for this year’s summer season. It’s nice to have some animal company back on camp. 

AND Hank is back to remind everyone who’s really in charge!!

Al, Derek, and Tim, our maintenance gurus, have been busy preparing HVC for staff and camper arrivals. 

The Ladybugs have been working hard to plant HVC’s gardens and prepare the cabins after their long winter naps.

And…the PDs and Peter and Meg are busy in the office planning staff training, which will commence in just over a week!

Elise has also been super busy ordering new art supplies for all of the crafts the campers will be making when they arrive. 

Lots of new colorful markers!

Celie and Lucia have been working in the office organizing travel to camp for staff and campers and answering questions from families!

I, myself, have been scoping out camp for the best new place to dig my gopher summer hole-m. It’s rather hard work and I could really go for a camp bagel. It won’t be long!


Gopher Girl

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