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Spring (and mud) has sprung!

Thursday, March 31st, 2022


Hellooooo HVC!

Winston the Woodpecker here to report that the snow. has. melted! I took a birds-eye look around the Valley this morning and all I saw was brown. Brown grass, brown mud, brown trees. That means spring is here!!

I also saw a few curious things on my journey, sure signs that HVC’s winter crew is coming out of hibernation as well. The Gold Explorer, camp’s utility vehicle, was puttering down the road, carrying Celie and Lucia to the office. HVC’s road gets quite muddy as the snow melts, but it’s no match for the Explorer’s big wheels. Plus, the ol’ Explorer doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty!

And it looks like the White Truck, the vehicle of choice for PK’s work crew, has gotten a facelift! Its metal bed has been replaced by a classic wooden frame (check out the photos below). Perfect for hauling firewood and all your duffels and trunks! Al’s trusty Kabota was replaced as well, it appears…it looks so shiny and orange and ready for anything!

But Al himself looked a little, well…odd. The picture below says it all, and has me wondering if any more of these “heads” will pop up this summer…

What’s going on here??

On my way up the road I stopped in to see my llama buddies, and they told me the BEST piece of spring news yet!!! Soon, two new MINI DONKEYS, little baby Maisie and Pearl, will arrive! Pearl is a bit older than Maisie and is skilled at pulling a mini cart! The llamas tell me they’re so excited to meet you all!!

Baby Maisie, 2 days old!

And speaking of new baby friends, HVC is also getting ready to welcome it’s youngest camper–Teddy! He’ll live in the Love Shack with his parents David and Aileen, so that means an expansion is in order! Al and his crew are busy at work building Teddy his own room onto the Love Shack–perfect for summer naps.

It was a lovely glide over the Valley indeed…and I can’t wait to see more projects unfold as we get ready for all you campers!!! (Don’t worry…I’ll report back soon with all the exciting details!)

Till next time,


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