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So Much Staff Training Fun!

Monday, June 16th, 2014
The Spontaneous Parade!

The Spontaneous Parade!

Hey there, friends! Olive Oyl here with your staff training news!

Our new counseling crew has been settling in nicely– working hard in the waterfront, ropes, and horse areas during the day plus plenty of fun time in the evening. Yesterday they finished their last day of training and today are enjoying a lovely day off!

We’ve had some exciting evening programs since our new staff has arrived– first Llamapalooza, a camp staple, featuring such classics as the sheriff smile and water balloon toss. We also had a couple of new activities that we were able to test out before campers arrive, such as the elephant trunk and shake, rattle, and roll, which were both tons of fun.

We also had Trivia night, testing our knowledge in sports, music, movies, and miscellaneous facts. Two nights ago was electives, where returning counselors held activities for our new staff, such as the spontaneous parade, throwing pots, a creek walk, and baking vegan chocolate chip cookies. We convened at the end of the night in the Rec Hall where we sang some camp favorites like the Princess Pat and The Farthest Field. Last night was the always fun Belfast Bus Night where new counselors got to explore the cute little town while returners had the opportunity to revisit their favorite spots.

The weather has been beautiful today after a few days of cold and rain, so we’ve all been basking in the sunshine and working hard. We’re continuing on with our work projects, such as the snack shack and pizza oven, which is in its final stages. We’ve also been doing some painting and general cleaning up around camp in anticipation for camper arrival. We have our final group of new staff arriving today, so our summer staff will finally be completed! Returners will be planning cabin nights this evening to welcome our new friends and bond as a cabin group. Before we know it we’ll be settling into our cabins for first session and greeting the happy faces of HVC campers!

Our animal friends have also been adjusting quite nicely to camp life. The kittens are becoming friendlier and we have an especially adventurous little feline who’s nicknamed 007 because of his tuxedo-like coat. We also have a new addition to the animal barn, two adorable guinea pigs brought by our very own counselor Robin.

I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as our staff becomes complete and we prepare for first session here at HVC!

Lots of love,


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