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Skills, Surprises and Scariness Galore!

Sunday, August 6th, 2023


Yesterday night, we had a fabulous time at the outdoor rec hall field, watching our talented counselors perform their best for the Staff Talent Show! The variety included multiple vocal performances featuring freestyle rap, an ocarina performance, poetry, ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’, and a standup debate regarding pickleball, the show was certainly entertaining – see pics below!

Before that, our evening meeting had an unforgettable flair yesterday because it was, drum roll please…Baby Food Day!!! With the oversight of renowned food critics Stefan Spanakopita and Angelina Artichoke, six lucky (or unlucky!) volunteer campers, succeeded by camper-volunteered AWACs and counselors, took their places at the table for spoonfuls of intriguingly-flavored baby food while blindfolded – that is, with the exception of special randomly-selected contestants who got a taste of the BIG spoon! And in the case of one particular counselor, no spoon at all…see pics for reference!!

While the audience generated some Jeopardy tunes, the contestants proceeded to guess – almost all incorrectly – the designated flavors. It was a thrilling scene!!

But that’s not all! Tonight at HVC, coming soon to the dark bowels of the Rec Hall is THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!!! At our morning meeting today following an otherwise (seemingly!) innocent Sunday bagel breakfast, we got a sneak peek of the theme when a stranger started running after a chef who, rather *unfortunately* for them, messed up an egg-bar order. Dun dun dunnnn!!! Check back tomorrow for a rundown plus footage of the fun and scary chaos!!!

On a different note, here’s an update on our campers in this session’s Teen Program, HV Adventures!! For the first eight days of the session, they canoed 100(!) miles down the Allagash River where they caught fish by hand and raced for camp-setup efficiency while enjoying gorgeous weather and stunning scenery all around. Upon returning to camp, the hardy group hit the bike trails around Camden for a day before recently departing to hike Mount Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak!! We’ve gotten wind that they’ve begun the summit – wahoo!!

Talk soon,

H. V. Scribe



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