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Shvitz Can’t Stop Us From Grab Bag Skits!

Monday, July 3rd, 2023

Top of the morning!!

Today we have commenced our…sixth day of classes! The fun and bustle has continued following an exceptional evening program yesterday – Grab Bag Skits!

For the night, campers were given a bag with an eclectic assortment of props – pool noodles, fairy wings and parasols galore! (plus some prompts) – that they had to all incorporate in a skit they came up with as cabins. When showtime came along, everyone gathered to see and cheer for the outstanding performances ranging from clever fairytale spin-offs to wholly original plots.

Today after classes, we’re getting pumped for our second cabin night eagerly prepared by our counselors. Whether in the cabins or studios, pool-ing or lake-ing, we can’t wait for the bonding time and memories in the making!

On a side note, clues have been popping up and theories circulating for – drum roll please – the crowd-favorite Junk Food Day!

Take a peek at the most recent display: what do y’all think??

In store for tomorrow is a fun-filled, chill-filled Lazy Day – stay tuned for details! 

With excitement and exclamation marks (!),

H. V. Scribe


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