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Sharing Night! Fireworks! SUPER LAZY DAY!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


Howdy, folks!! Humming Bird here in the late night to bring you a special report on Sharing Night!!

We had some incredible performances tonight by our first two weeks of classes! We had singing and dancing and acting and art-ing, and more!! And the night was led by none other than our fearless infomercial MCs, who told us how we could get all the skillz our campers demonstrated for us, for just 3 easy payments of $19.99!! Check out some photos below of our wonderful acts!

Included in these photos are pictures of the beautiful performances given this afternoon by our Rock Band classes! You’ll also find below pictures of brief demonstrations given by our Alive campers of their hard work these past two weeks! Alive gave a mini concert after Rock Band earlier this afternoon, some other campers gave a STOMP performance (on a set they built themselves!!), and still others presented for us a dramatic scene from Beauty and the Beast! The performances were just a taste of what is to come during this year’s Alive Show, which we’ll get to watch later on in the session!

After Sharing Night tonight we enjoyed some incredible FIREWORKS!!! Second Session campers get to see a beautiful display of fireworks every year, and this year’s set was just spectacular!! Cat Nap and I had jaws on the ground, it was THAT wonderful!! Check out the pictures below!!

Tomorrow is the SUPEREST LAZY DAY OF ALL LAZY DAYS!! It’s also PAJAMA DAY! What is all this madness???? I’ll tell you!! On this day, smack dab in the middle of the session, the entire camp gets one big, gigantic lazy day!! On this magical day, we can stay in our jammies as we sign up for our second round of classes, laze around by the pool, and enjoy cabin day activities!! It’s like cabin night… except in the daytime!! Cabin activities will be as follows….

Avalon will make some pizza!
Loons is going to the lake and making s’mores!
LCH will take a creek walk and make some s’mores!
Chateau Fiasco will play with the catapult and make s’mores!
Atlantis will complete their zen garden!
Forbidden Planet will launch the rafts they made at the last cabin night!
Wombles will play with the animals!
Down Under will have a twister tournament and a dance party!
French Quarter is making terrariums!
Paquatahnee will be tie dying shirts!
Shangri-La will make cookies and have a dance party!
Camelot is going to bake in the barn kitchen!
Fiddlers Green will play trust games and hang around on the ropes course! (Geddit??)
Valhalla will tie dye shirts!
Taj Mahal will make a paper mache a taco!
Gimme Shelter will do the tipi zipline!

Our counselors have some awesome activities planned for our wonderful campers, and we can’t wait to share photos of all the cabin bonding tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

I’m off to pick out the perfect PJ’s for tomorrow!!

Always humming along,

Humming Bird

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