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Saturday Night Alive: An Incomplete Reunion

Sunday, August 15th, 2021

Good Afternoon HVC!

It’s a breezy day here on camp and things are cooling down, literally, and figuratively! As we wrap up classes today and get ready for the last week of camp, I’m feeling very bittersweet.

Last night’s evening program was the Alive show, “Saturday Night Alive: An Incomplete Reunion!”

The Alive campers have been working so hard for the whole session to create, direct, cast, and preform in their own show! For most of these campers, it was their first time working together to create a production, and for some it was even their first time at HVC!

Most of the off-camp trips Alive took off camp this year was to help them better understand topics such as sight specific theatre, outdoor theatre, and the Alive campers even had a chance to meet a real actor and get tips from the professionals!

The show spoke on themes such as camp life, friendship, understanding, and of course, there was some amazing comedy thrown in. Needless to say, the show was amazing from start to finish and truly showcased the amazing talent that lies within the campers of this program! Check out the pictures from last night’s show, you won’t want to miss it!

That is all of the things on my list to share with you lovely folks reading at home!
Until next time.

Peace, Love, and Llama hugs,


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