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Prepping for PJ Day!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Hello everyone! It’s not Hummingbird or Mag-O-Llama, guess who it is?!?! Mama Iguana! I’m back (or at least for right now)! Current families will be receiving an email about events from the day, please check your email. I wanted to give you all an exciting update on our wonderful PAJAMA DAY tomorrow!!!!!

Tomorrow, we will be having a sleep in and wake up in our pajamas and stay in our pajamas! Our day is going to be filled with hanging by the pool, playing cards by the pool, singing by the pool, and waiting for arriving campers by the pool! That means it’s super pool activities! Everyone is so excited to welcome new campers into our HVC community.

After pool activities, we are going to lunch and then have cabin activities! Here is what every cabin is planning on doing tomorrow:

LCH Drip, Drip, Drop

Avalon Tipi Zip and Dancy Party

Loons Tipi Zip and Ropes Games

Gimme Shelter Creek Walk and Stone Structures

Atlantis and Treasure Island Human Bowling on Slip ‘n Slide

Forbidden Planet Rope Dueling Game

Wabanaki Water Balloon Toss

Down Under Kitten Circle and Ropes Games

Paquatahnee Making Cookies

French Quarter Sing Along Spa Day

Wombles Cabin Mural

Fiddlers Green Tie Dye and Lemonade

Camelot Ropes Games

Valhalla Tea Time

Shangri-La Face Masks

Taj Mahal Lake Day

Haley’s Comet Horse Spa

And tomorrow night… we are watching a movie!!! What a great way to end a super lazy day! Stay tuned for photos and updates on tomorrow! That’s it from me, Mama Iguana!

Ta-ta for now,

Mama Iguana

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