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Planning, training, and planning!!

Saturday, June 18th, 2016


Good evening to you all! Humming Bird here with LOTS to report, as we here at camp dance closer to the day when our campers arrive!! Camp is a-hum with excitement as our counselors work hard to prepare for our beautiful campers’ arrival.

We’ve been undergoing some serious training, and getting into the nitty gritty of camp! Our shift heads have begun planning for lazy days and events; our Program Directors have been directing their programs; and Liv and Clara have been hard at work with our Program Director, Charlie, to schedule all our classes.

Speaking of classes… check out these pictures of our counselors working hard on their lesson plans for the first two weeks of camp! Lots of hard work going on at HVC right now!

In preparation for the diversity of our campers, we all met this morning to discuss the different ways that everyone processes information, so we can make this a summer of successful learning! In addition, we are receiving training in mental health, and mental health first aid, so that our counselors will be prepared to accommodate all of our campers’ emotional needs.

In other fun news…. WE HAVE KITTENS!! Five baby kitties found their way into our camp, and our hearts– they’re a-MEOW-zing (Haha! Geddit??) T–one week until the campers get to cuddle them!

Enjoy the pictures, soon they’ll have campers in them! Until then, keep packin’ your crazy creeks and rain boots up! I’m off to find the have a baby kitten and baby bunny party in the animal pen– do you think they’ll like a bird coming to visit? Let’s find out!

Humming Bird

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