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PK Day All the Way!

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

Hey there, friends! Olive Oyl here with your daily news! It’s the second day of classes and we’re getting into the swing of things again. It was a special morning on this “PK Day,” where all of the counselors donned “PK” style shirts (button-up, patterned, and arresting to the eyes) and shouted back “Hey Is For Horses!” after Peter’s “Hey You Guys!” at morning meeting. It was the counselor’s way of tributing the big man behind the scenes here at Hidden Valley.

Last night was electives and we had tons of fabulous activities to choose from. Some new highlights were a water obstacle course, a Disney singalong, a paint party, disc golf, and glass beads. There were the classics cookie baking, tipi zip, and capture the flag. Campers had a variety of options to choose from, whether it was making art, music, competing, or enjoying nature.

Tonight’s evening program is sure to bring more fun, with Candy Crush for the younger half, water activities for the middle half, and a teen party for the older half (yes, there are three halves here at HVC). Candy Crush involves a series of challenges across camp in order to collect balls. Water activities will take place at the pool, where they’ll be swimming, a slip and slide, bobbing for apples, plus more involving H20. The teen party will take place at Blodgett House, where the older boys and girls cabins will hang out with the Apprentices.

Speaking of teens, it’s time for a teen update! Alive has been busy signing up for new classes, like found percussion, glass beads, and music beats. Last night the group made costumes for Belfast Statue Night, ranging from paints on a palette to Greek Gods. Lots of hard work and creativity went into their designs and the final product was amazing. The goal was to raise money for the Belfast Arts District, and both campers and the people of Belfast enjoyed the project.

Hopefully the light schvitz will hold off for the rest of the day as we continue to make progress in our new set of classes! Today marks the halfway point of the session which means a lot of awesomeness has already happened, but there’s also much to look forward to. The Wheel of Misfortune is tomorrow’s evening program, and I know I can’t wait for the all the mystery and madness. Coming up next week we also have ValleyFest, the camper talent show, and The Play and Musical…so much camper talent, it’s sure to be incredible!

We also say goodbye to a special group today, the Chinese campers, who have been a delight sharing their culture and becoming members of our Hidden Valley community. We wish them a happy rest of summer and hope to see them in the future!

Check out our photos below from electives and morning meeting!

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