Costumes at Camp and Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Two witches enjoying a cabin night dress-up photoshoot!

BOO!! Did I scare you? It’s just me, Cara B., here with some super photos featuring lots of costumes sported by campers and counselors throughout the summer!

It’s getting chilly up here! I hope everyone is having a lovely autumn full of jack-o-lanterns, apple cider, and hay rides; just one more night to perfect our costumes for trick-or-treating! Halloween isn’t the only time of year to dress up at when you spend your summers at HVC. We have a ton of activities that involve costumes.

For events like Sharing Night, Valleyfest, and the Staff Talent Show, we always have awesome counselor MCs, dressed up as whacky characters who guide us through all of the fantastic performances. Theater productions are a no-brainer. Campers involved in the play and the musical adorn themselves in costumes and makeup for their fabulous shows. Each session, we have two dances where everyone is encouraged to dress up according to a theme, and boy, do campers get super creative! In the past, we’ve had themes such as under the sea, outer-space, and many more.

Some evening programs require some major costume skills. For Candy Crush, our amazing AWACs cover themselves in orange and green paint to become candy-swiping oompa loompas. The Wheel of Misfortune, a crowd favorite and perhaps the nuttiest event of each session, has a different theme every year for lots of fun with costumes and stage makeup. Speaking of makeup, we can’t forget about the face paint booth on Fair Day!

Many campers and counselors choose to dress up on normal camp days too, (if you can call any day at Hidden Valley “normal.”) On aloha Tuesdays, we all show off our best floral shirts. On Dress in the Dark Day, we pull out all the stops with mismatched patterns, random color combinations, and lots of layering.

It’s so fun to be in a place where everyone can feel comfortable wearing whatever whacky garb tickles their fancy, knowing that others will think it’s totally awesome. Lots of campers find HVC to be a great place to let their guard down and explore who they are away from home- how cool is that?

That’s all for now folks! Check out the photos below, and stay tuned for more updates coming your way.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween!

Cara B. Ner


Autumn Leaves and Summer Memories!

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Beautiful leaves reflected on the lake!

Hey there, everyone! Cara here with an autumn update.

Fall is finally upon us here at Hidden Valley! While the temperature has remained fairly warm, the trees have been undergoing a beautiful transformation. The leaves are changing in fantastic shades of yellow, orange, and red- I can totally imagine campers stomping through crunchy leaves on their way to the lake and building big piles for jumping in the backyard. How’s that for an interest group?

We have lots of great photos to share that capture the gorgeous fall foliage. The woods that surround the horse pastures, home to horseback riding lessons and our Brumby program, are now freckled with colorful leaves. The walk up Tipi Hill has also had an autumn makeover, which reminds me of all the new beginnings that have been celebrated at opening Pinegrove just up the hill. Nature art classes would have lots of new material to work with, and I wonder how the llamas feel about the change of scenery…

That’s all for now, my friends! Be sure to look out for an upcoming post about projects around camp and news and photos from the camp reunion in November! I can hardly wait.

Wishing warm sweaters, happy pumpkin carving, and yummy apple treats to everyone at home!

Cara B. Ner.

Wedding Bells and Post-Camp Projects!

Saturday, September 23rd, 2017

Peter and Meg in the drained pool, ready for painting!

Greetings, camp compadres! Cara B. Ner here, back with the first post-camp update of the season!

It’s not as quiet as you would think around here with the campers gone! Last week, a couple rented out camp for their special day- an HVC wedding, how fun! Couples and families usually find out about Hidden Valley online (to take a look at our wedding page, check out About>Location>Weddings on the HVC website.) Wedding ceremonies have taken place in several camp locations. This couple had theirs on Deer Meadow’s field, but others have chosen Pinegrove (a clearing in the trees on top of Tipi Hill where we open and close camp with a big bonfire,) or the appropriately named “wedding wing” of the dining hall on shvitz-y days. After the ceremony, this couple had a lovely reception in and around the beautifully decorated dining hall. How awesome is that? Where better to have your wedding than in a place where so much love and laughter is shared between friends all summer long.

Many off-season projects are already underway. The pool along with some buildings are getting a nice fresh coat of paint and the Hilton bathroom is being remodeled (it will be one of our many gender-neutral bathrooms on camp!) We are also working on a project to divert rain water away from the office with a series of underground pipes. The venture resembles a moat and drawbridge at the moment (perfect for the dining hall dragon!), but soon the trench will be filled and all will return to normal.

That’s all for now, folks! Stay tuned for more updates during the fall, soon the leaves will start to change and we’ll have some beautiful pictures to share! In the meantime, enjoy some photos from the wedding prep, post-camp projects, and a gorgeous sunset on the lake.

Climbing away!

Cara B.

Celebrating Another Wonderful Summer at Hidden Valley

Friday, August 18th, 2017

No lunch meetings in the Front Yard today

Hi there, everyone! Cara here on staff departure day with the final update of the summer.

Man, it sure is quiet around here! Camp is slowly emptying out as the remaining staff finish up final work projects. Cabins are getting one last sweep, art supplies are being tucked away, and lots of hugs are being shared as cars are sent off camp road. By this afternoon, all of our lovely staff will have departed for their next adventure, taking with them all of the incredible memories shared and lessons learned this summer at Hidden Valley.

Luna and I are overjoyed by what an extraordinary summer it has been. We are so thankful for the outstandingly supportive and compassionate Hidden Valley community. There is truly no place on earth quite like HVC.

Be sure to check back in the fall and winter for a few updates from me, Cara B., about everything that’s going on in the HVC community during the winter. For now, enjoy some cool photos from around camp.

Smiling because it happened,

Cara B. Ner and Luna Bug <3


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