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Our Talented Staff and A Tremendous Sixth Day of Classes!

Sunday, July 1st, 2018

Our amazing AWACs at the staff talent show!

Hello hello hello! Cara B. here with all the latest at HVC.

Last night, after a tense evening meeting of anticipating the potential candy drop, we headed into the dining hall for hearty dinner of barbecue chicken, sweet potatoes, salad, and 7 layer bars, empty handed. We all put away our pillow cases with confused looks on our faces- how could the candy drop clues have misled us?? Surely it’s gotta happen sometime soon…

After dinner, we headed over to the Rec Hall for the staff talent show! Our staff had some amazing talents to share. Our fabulous MCs were Charlotte the Cookie Monster and Sam Elmo, taking some time away from Sesame Street to search for talent at Hidden Valley. Eric and Sandia started the night with a beautiful song, followed by a song sung by Seth and another by Seth and Nick B.! Ian showed off his snacking skills by throwing various snacks in the air and catching them in his mouth. His grand finale was a fake out with a massive sweet potato. Emma W. shared an original song inspired by her time as a camper at HVC, and Charlotte and Ilana did a super fun tap dance routine dressed in bee costumes. Pheonix also did a super cool dance! The HVC band (featuring Rob, Jacob, and Ginger), performed two songs with lead singers Nick B. and Haley, and boy, did they rock the house down! Several counselors performed the awkward Macarena, which has become an HVC staff talent show tradition.

We moved outside the Rec Hall for the second half of the show. Kaylie started us out with a one handed clap- it was very impressive. Bethany sang a beautiful song for all of the Hamilton fans on camp. The AWACs shared a song as well, remixing one of the classic Pinegrove songs, “Hermie the Worm,” and Roisin played us a super pretty original song on ukulele. Maria danced to one of her favorite Spanish songs, Kyle told a story, Anna G. juggled with juggling sticks, and Elise and Lucy closed the show with some beautiful closed-mouth singing. The night was a huge success! Who knew our staff was so talented?

Today is Sunday and you know what that means- bagels! We ate our bagel breakfast and headed over to the gazebo to hear Tom and Meg play dulcimers before meeting, as is the Sunday tradition. Today, they played bass dulcimers which are a little bit larger than the traditional mountain dulcimer and have a lower sound. Afterwards, we headed off for the sixth day of classes. I can hardly believe how quickly the session is going by already! Tonight is cabin night, so stay tuned to hear about what each cabin got up to. Tomorrow is another lazy day- the older half will be taking a trip to Lake St. George while the younger half stays on camp for a mystery themed day…no seriously, the theme involves mystery that needs to be solved! I’ll be sure to give you the full scoop tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from the staff talent show and classes!

Climbing away,

Cara B. Ner.

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