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Orientation Day!

Monday, July 24th, 2023

Happy Orientation Day!!

Yesterday evening, we all had a blast watching the vampire-themed Opening Night Skits that gave campers a verbal sense of the myriad class options that they have to engage in for the next two weeks with the exception of the Basketball and Soccer teams, musical and play that last all four. With offerings ranging from mountain biking to paddle-boarding, dance, pottery, cooking and more, there’s something to suit all tastes, experience levels and curiosities!

On a theatrical note, the musical and play for this session were revealed yesterday!! For the former, we have the timelessly iconic MATILDA and for the latter, the whimsical classic ALICE IN WONDERLAND!

Today, the campers are getting settled in wonderfully as they’re familiarizing (or reacquainting) themselves with camp including its beautiful grounds and quirky traditions, their cabins and cabin mates. The day got off to a brilliant start with a classic Egg Bar breakfast and (our first!) morning camp meeting. (Bonjour Thought du Jour; A Bientot Interest Groups!)

Courtesy of the sun, it’s heartwarming to see the grounds buzzing with campers frolicking and/or relaxing outdoors amid completing swim evaluations at the pool or lake age-dependent (a refreshing refuge from the heat); signing up for classes and getting their pictures taken (on their way to you soon!); and embarking on formal tours of camp. The backyard has been full of friendship bracelet-making, baseball, tetherball, reading, swinging and smiles!

As cabins, we’ll finish unpacking alongside making shower schedules and cabin rules, playing games and spending more spirited time in the backyard.

As per tradition, we’re looking forward to Opening Night Pinegrove tonight! At the bell’s calling, we’ll walk in silence up the hill and gather on the tree stumps around the fire: our striking backdrop for a commemorative night of witnessing individual performances by newly-formed cabins and harmonizing in song as a whole community.

Though there won’t be footage to show given its status as a sacred tech-free space, the unique sense of togetherness present will doubtlessly be reflected in all the other photos to come!

Wishing everyone a lovely night (and pumped for classes tomorrow),

H. V. Scribe



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