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Ode to Pre-Camp

Friday, June 3rd, 2016


Today we’re doing everything to get our camp in check

We moved the summer furniture, and cleaned the rec hall deck!

Our staffers are arriving quick– we’re putting them to work!

So all our chores are done– not one would we presume to shirk!

We, Humming Bird and Olive Oyl, are here to share with you

The work that we’ve been doing here, so campers can come, too!

We started out the day by moving tables all around

So we can all eat lunches dry– above the soggy ground

And then we followed Phillie to the lake to take a dip,

We set up all the docks with teamwork– Oh boy! What a trip!

Right now we’ve got our teams of counselors working around camp,

We’re moving beds and nodding heads, and smiling– though it’s damp!

And last night we enjoyed some time of bonding in the barn,

We danced and sang and even made some bracelets out of yarn!

So now you’re all caught up about pre-camp at HVC,

Enjoy these pics while we go now to trim some greenery!

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