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Nothing Rivals Arrival Day

Saturday, July 23rd, 2022


What’s hanging HVC Families,

It was great to see everyone’s smiling faces for Arrival Day. Counselors and staff are beyond excited to have campers back at HVC for what is going to be an incredible session.

As our weather person would have us note, today is a certified scorcher, and even for a gopher that spends most of their time underground, I am struggling to stay cool. Luckily I have the arrival of new campers waving hello to keep me distracted from the heat wave.

Today campers arrived via car from all over this morning to enjoy their summer at camp. Later today, our buses will arrive with even more eager campers.

In the meantime, campers that arrived this morning spent their day meeting their counselors, hanging out in the backyard, playing frisbee, meeting old and new friends, becoming acquainted or reacquainted with camp, playing games, and more.

This evening, campers will head to Opening Night Skits for their evening program, where each class and counselor will be introduced before campers sign up for classes tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Orientation Day, where campers will go on a camp tour, have a cabin meeting, go for a swim, sign up for classes, and spend time getting to know each other. At evening program, HVC will head to their first Pine Grove of the session, where each cabin will perform a song or skit for the camp as an official introduction to camp.

Here’s an official list of the cabin themes:

Loons: Loony Tunes

Gimme Shelter: Gladiators

Wombles: Waffles

French Quarter: Fairy Houses

Avalon: Appliances

Paquatahnee: Peas in a Pod

Bermuda Triangle: Sea Bears

Valhalla: Violets

Camelot: Carnival

Halley’s Comet: Hermit Crabs

Forbidden Planet: Pirates

Fiddler’s Green: Gnomes

Shangri-La: Shooting Stars

Taj Mahal: Taj Ma-Hocus-Pocus

As for now, it’s time for me to go-pher another round of sunscreen, but more details to come tomorrow.


Gopher Girl

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