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New People, Buildings, and Things!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
Our fabulous work crew

Our fabulous work crew

Hi there, friends! Olive Oyl here with lots of camp updates for you!

We’ve had an exciting past couple of days with lots of new camp additions (humans, buildings, and otherwise). Today marks a big day as 18 (!) new staff are arriving! Staff training is starting to kick in, with people filling out Red Barn surveys and enjoying our last few meals in the Barn before we transition into Chris and Lilian’s delicious dining hall fare. Tomorrow will be a day of both new chefs and new trainings, with our Lifeguard staff coming in and getting started on their certification for the summer.

Camp construction has been in full swing for the past few weeks, with the new Buckhorn and Glass Blowing studio coming along beautifully. We can’t wait to get our new and returning staff in there for trainings next week!

Speaking of new things, camp received four shiny-new vans yesterday, Norma, Andromeda, Vela, and our minivan, Aurora. Our older vans have been lovingly renamed as Sokka, Katara, and Appa. Be sure to check out the photos of all our new things (we at camp think the vans resemble spaceships and the baby alpacas remind us of little lambs)!

More updates to come soon as staff flood in and staff training is underway!

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