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Misfortune Mayhem and a Lovely Lazy Day

Monday, August 7th, 2017

Kaden getting pied at The Wheel of Misfortune!

Greetings, everyone! Cara here with an update on this fabulous Lazy Day.

Boy, did we need a Lazy Day after all the excitement last night. At evening program, we “spun the wheel,” diving into the craziness that was the long-awaited Wheel of Misfortune! This year’s wheel had a carnival theme, and we pulled out all the stops. Outside the Rec Hall, there was a “machine” constructed by Alive that turned themselves into clowns, a human marionette, conjoined twins, a fortune teller, a ticket booth, and water balloons thrown from the roof of the pottery studio. Waiting inside, the Rec Hall had been transformed with a big parachute entrance, streamers of red and white, and lots of balloons. Some classic carnival music completed the illusion.

Inspired by our trip for the Bangor State Fair earlier this month, Mel the PD led the campers into the carnival. Inside, she was greeted by the Chumly brothers, the owners of the fair, who stole her away to try and get “campers” (played by our AWACs,) to join their show. The Chumly brothers had quite a cast of characters in their carnival, including a ring leader, strong man, a contortionist, a mime, a bearded lady, and a disgruntled clown named Wiggles. Campers were selected by Gruesome, our resident camp-creature, to participate in whacky and gross games led by Peter and the carnnies to try and get Mel back. The games included egg roulette, where campers smashed eggs on their heads to see whether they were raw or boiled, eating pudding out of diapers without using hands, searching through yucky mystery boxes for keys, having kittens lick cat food off of campers’ toes, throwing popcorn onto shaving cream covered shower caps, sibling flossing, and squirting ranch dressing into each other’s mouths. Just another day at the office, right?

After each game and plenty of whipped cream pies to the face, campers were awarded prizes for their cabins offered by our staff. Luna and I will be sure to let you know all about them as they are given out over the next couple of weeks.

After a much needed rest, we slept in a bit and enjoyed a breakfast of banana and pumpkin bread- yum! After breakfast, the younger half headed off for a big cabin clean before meeting on the Rec Hall Field for Around the World Day! It was super fun. There was an Arctic penguin slip-n’-slide complete with big ice blocks, “around the world” basketball, survival bracelet making for any mountain adventures, a desert camel obstacle course complete with a backpack hump, desert cacti pet rock painting, rainforest instrument making and paper plate snakes, and post card making. Whew! Not so lazy if you ask me. We all had so much fun crafting and playing in the sun.

The older half took a trip to Lake St. George this morning and man, was it a perfect day for the lake. It was sunny and breezy and the water was just right. We played on the playground, passed around a football, swam in the lake, and lounged around reading and making friendship bracelets.

Both halves of camp enjoyed lunch outside picnic-style. The older half returned to camp for an afternoon of rest period and a big cabin clean, while the younger half hung out by the pool. Right now, we’re just about to gather for evening meeting. Afterwards, we will enjoy a pizza dinner and meet back at the Rec Hall for Valleyfest, our camper talent show! Luna and I can’t wait to see all of our wonderfully talented campers on stage tonight. That’s all for now, but enjoy pictures from the Wheel of Misfortune, Around the World Day, and Lake St. George.

Signing off,



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