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Making new schedules and keeping old friends

Friday, August 5th, 2022

Good Morning HVC Families,

Yesterday was nothing short of a legendary lazy day.

Campers not only signed up for classes and had hours of pool fun, but they also got to do an activity with their cabin and sing and dance along to an unforgettable performance from singer songwriter Jesse Ruben.

With hits like “Champion,” “The First Day of Summer,” and “We Can,” HVC was invested in Jesse’s performance until it was time to go to bed, at which point, the “One last song” chant began and Jesse Ruben sang “The First Day of Summer” for a second time, and for the perfect end to the campers’ third lazy day this session.

Today, campers head to the first of their second round of classes. As Gopher Girl, I am trying to make a guest appearance in Liv Laundry’s “How to be a Superhero” class, albeit uninvited.

This evening, campers will head to their second Electives night of the session, with activity choices such as Capture the Flag, “Lip Synch for your Life,” and Tie Dye.

Speaking of tying, much like my Cousin Sal, I’ve been learning how to tie knots recently. The skill has increased the quality of my friendship bracelets immeasurably.


Gopher Girl

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