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Making Memories (And S’mores and more…) !!

Thursday, August 10th, 2023

Hey guys!

After dinner, we had so much fun during our Cabin Night activities yesterday all over camp grounds bonding and hanging out, soaking in the summer night air and making memories to last forever. Check out the list below! We’re aptly following up tonight with another classic evening program, Electives – more details tomorrow 🙂

Meanwhile, today marks our fifth day of classes and during Interest Groups, we’re hyped for the HVC Soccer Match featuring the Soccer Team plus counselors!! While our hybrid teams show off their skills on the field, a range of other activities will be hosted on-site for spectators to enjoy in style, i.e. cheering on their friends and counselors fueled by hot-dogs plus other fun and crafts to engage in… 

Speaking of sports, the Pickleball courts have been alive this past week with a hit new addition to camp this session: the Pickleball Tournament!! Starting last week, almost fifty campers and counselors signed up for their respective brackets entailing one v. one games during Interest Group period and culminating with the finals, scheduled for two days time! With infectious energy, music and impressive spectator turnout, it’s been a blast!!

Before I go, an update on HVA, our Hidden Valley Adventures teen program! After their successful summit of Mount Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak, the group returned to camp where they enjoyed a restorative rainy day of glass-blowing and custom HVA t-shirt screen printing on the Lazy Day followed by a day at the ropes course. Today, they’ve dived right back into the epic adventures with their originally-planned sea kayaking trip as the sun has returned…we can’t wait to hear all about it!

More updates soon!

H.V. Scribe 

Cabin Night Activities 

LCH – Exploring at the ‘End of the World’

Avalon – Pizza-making

Loons – Zipline

Bermuda Triangle – Movie & snacks

Forbidden Planet – S’mores & campfire

Wombles – Campfire & dough cooking

French Quarter – Games

Paquatanee – Pool party with popsicles

Muskingum – Brownie baking

Valhalla – Hike to the blueberry field

Gimme Shelter – Cookie dough making

Camelot – Pool swim & s’mores

Fiddler’s Green – Screen printing

Shangri La – Movie & snacks

Taj Mahal – S’mores

Haley’s Comet – S’mores & campfire




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