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Monday, July 6th, 2015


Greetings, readers!! Humming Bird here with some updates on our Trip/Lazy Day!!

The older half just finished up Mad Scientist Day! An evil mad scientist has been turning counselors into The Blob!! If they are infected with the Blob Virus, they turn green and cannot stop dancing– what horror!! Campers had to accomplish different tasks in order to get clues as to who our evil mad scientist was! Some of our science-y activities included a Slime Relay Race, an Egg Drop, a Fire Challenge, Potion Testing, Ice Extractions, a Big Tangram Puzzle, and a Rube Goldberg Machine-making challenge! Our campers did a great job revealing Haley as our mad scientist!! Now they can celebrate their success with an extra long rest period, followed by Pool Activities! Counselors will set up stations around the pool, so campers can do anything from playing Magic the Gathering, to going down the slip and slide, or of course just plain swimming!

Our younger half took a trip to the beach on this beautiful sunny day! Like our pool activities here on camp, counselors set up activities for campers to do at the beach, too! There was frisbee and soccer and cards and sand castle-making and more! And of course campers could take a dip in the water to cool off on this warm afternoon! The younger half ate lunch on the beach and enjoyed a relaxing day today, and are now en route back to HVC, where they will be greeted by ice cream!

Later tonight we will all gather together again for evening meeting, where we will recount everything we did today, together! We’ll enjoy an outdoor dinner, “as a cabin,” and then tonight’s evening program is a movie!! We’re keeping the movie a surprise for our campers, but I’ll give you a sneak preview! We’re watching a personal favorite of mine, Monsters University!! But shh!! Don’t tell your campers! And you most certainly didn’t hear anything from little old me!!

I’m off to sneak some ice cream before our younger half campers get back!! (Don’t tell on me!)

Humming Bird

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