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Lobstah Daze

Friday, June 24th, 2016


GOOD MORNING OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS WE HAVE A FEW OF OUR FIRST CAMPERS AND IT’S SO EXCITING, I ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY NEST THIS MORNING! Humming Bird here with all things Lobster Banquet! That’s right– counselors feasted on lobstah last night (and chicken parm and spanakopita)! Check out pictures of our BEAUTIFUL staff (and some of our first campers!) eating some BEAUTIFUL lobster in some BEAUTIFUL lobster bibs!

And now I get to tell you about today– June 24– otherwise known as THE LAST DAY OF STAFF TRAINING OH MY GOODNESS I THOUGHT THE DAY WOULD NEVER COME! (Sorry, I’m just so excited!) Today we shipped out our counselor chaperones who will pick up our campers from their respective planes, trains and automobiles! See you soon, counselors! Some will be back tonight with campers from Korea, Japan, France and Italy; the rest will be back tomorrow with campers from New York, New Haven and Boston!!

As for the rest of us who are still here on camp, we’re putting the finishing touches on our counseling toolboxes, and then we’re SETTING UP OUR CABINS! What kind of set-up does that require, might you ask? WELL, we’re of course cleaning the cubbies and sweeping the floors. We’ll be busy making bunk tags, cabin rules, chore charts, and more!  We’ve even got our early arrival campers helping us with our cabin crafting! And it’ll all be in line with our cabin themes… What on earth are our cabin themes? Let me tell you! This year we have…..

The Burrow Bandits
The Wizarding Wombles
Down Under in the Jungle
The Mighty Flying Geese of Avalon
The LCH Beehive
The Loons Jedi Temple
Shangri-La Fruit Salad… Berries vs. Citrus, where do you stand?
The Camelot Superhero Alliance (CIA style)
Gimme Shelter Hidey Holes
Wabanaki Wonderland
Halley’s Comet Space Steeds
Paquatahnee and French Quarter will be orbiting Meg’s Planet this session. Paquatahnee as the planets and French Quarter as the moon explorers!
Atlantis Batlantis (like Batman!)
Treasure Island Jawns (it’s a Philadelphia slang term that’s essentially synonymous to “thing”)
Vintage Valhalla,
Fiddler’s Green Fantasy
Time Traveling Taj Mahal (wonder where they’ll decide to travel to!)
And Forbidden Planet– er… Furbie Den Plant It. Are Furbie’s back in?

I for one am SO excited to see what our clever counselors do with their themes– AND how our campers take them to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL! Wow, I just cannot wait for the campers to get here! I need to go take some deep breaths and start craftin’ for the cabin!


Humming with happiness!

Humming Bird

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