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Llivin it up at Llamapalooza

Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Hey HVC Families!

There’s a llot to llove about camp here at Hidden Valley. One of the best elements, at lleast in my opinion, is evening program, and llast night, HVC hosted one of my personal favorites: Llamapalooza.

After a llively day of classes, and a night of chicken wings, cornbread, mashed potatoes and more for a scrumptious dinner (as always, major compliments to Mike and the dining hall crew), campers headed to the Rec Hall field and backyard to play some games run by our excellent staff and counselors.

They played Rock, Tree, Bridge, which is where two teams of campers race to jump over rocks, run around trees, and crawl under bridges, all of the roles which are played by other campers. This is a personal favorite of mine, though my gopher friends always cheat by getting around the obstacles underground.

They also attempted to shake ping pong balls out of a box tied to their waste, caught water balloons thrown onto a tarp that a group of campers had to move so that the balloons wouldn’t break, molded animals out of clay while blindfolded, and much more.

The evening even ended with a race between nominated counselors and AWACs to hop in a trash bag to put on a costume, eat a bowl of cereal with no hands, and then recite the alphabet backwards.

Even as a gopher who regularly sports a bow tie, I can attest to the fact that they llooked especially silly, but the routine was a hit among campers watching their counselors and AWACs have lloads of fun.

Tonight, campers are excited for the bug-themed dance, where they will have fun crafting antennae and dancing the worm.

Hopefully, I’ll convince my caterpillar friends to make a guest appearance. Though generally a llittle shy, the assurance that they will blend right into the crowd tonight may be confidence inspiring. Wish me lluck!


Gopher Girl

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