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Let’s do the timewarp again!

Saturday, July 30th, 2016


Good morning, friends! Humming Bird here! I’ve got some stellar updates for you today! Let’s start from the very beginning…. (it’s a very good place to start)

Last night was the THROWBACK THROWDOWN! We had some amazing time warp-y activities, like a prehistoric cave, a vintage photobooth, hopscotch, and a time warp obstacle course! Check out photos of the groovy night!

Today we awoke at some earlier-than-normal times… We couldn’t sleep because we were so excited about JAKE DAY! What on earth is Jake Day, Humming Bird? Hold your horses, let me tell you! Jake Day is the glorious day that comes but once a session, when we record EVERY SINGLE CABIN performing their cabin cheer! Our talented video staff also record Meeting, and other silly stuff we do around camp! Where does all this footage go?? And WHY IS IT CALLED JAKE DAY?!?! I’m getting to that! We send all the footage to a long-time former counselor named Jake, who edits the whole thing and compiles it on a DVD– a digital yearbook, if you will– which gets sent to all our campers around December! Check your mailboxes!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! In addition to Jake Day, it’s also JENNY’S FAVORITE DAY! What in the world does that mean? Well, beloved Program Director Jenny is a HUGE fan of FRENCH TOAST! She loves it more than almost anything in the galaxy. So once a session, Jenny’s Favorite Day brings french toast to our breakfast lineup! And guess what– THAT DAY IS TODAY! It was SO good!

Speaking of our PD’s, did you see the picture of ALL FIVE Program Directors wearing their Candy Drop shirts?! Yeah, that’s right! ALL of our trusty PD’s have been up in that plane! Thanks for keeping the candy schvitz comin’, ladies!

As we go through our Jake Day, we look forward to tonight’s CABIN NIGHT!! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow, and a list of what all our campers did!

But for now, I have to go set my watch right… after last night’s dance, I have NO idea what decade I’m in!

Feelin’ groovy,

Humming Bird

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