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Lazy Day at the lanes

Friday, August 12th, 2022

What’s up HVC families,

Yesterday was yet another productive and exciting day of classes. Interest groups even featured a fun frisbee game between counselors, campers, and AWACs organized by counselor Zach and in which, camp celebrity SnackBeard the pirate, otherwise known as Hudson, made a guest appearance.

Later in the evening, campers headed to Electives. They were given the choice of a large variety of activities to do including Capture the Flag, playing the card game Exploding Kittens, going on a hunt for hidden pickles around camp, spa activities, making s’mores, painting, and working with glass.

Additionally, the Shangri-La cabin went on Peter’s Secret Tour around camp!

Today, after a fantastic couple of days of classes, it was time for a Lazy Day.

Younger and middle half cabins, with the exception of Camelot and Valhalla headed bowling. Apparently it went very well, but I heard a lot of talk about strikes. According to my Uncle Joe, an umpire by trade, three strikes is not so good. But as a turkey, I’m not sure how reliable he is when it comes to the rules of bowling.

Meanwhile, older half and the Camelot and Valhalla cabins stayed on camp for Trivia Day.

I listened from a distance and the questions were tough, but the campers were far from intimidated and seemed to know quite a few of the answers and quite a lot about the Kardashians, Netflix, and the bone structure of an octopus.

No one is sure which cabin is officially the winner, but the suspense is building up for the announcement to occur at evening meeting tonight.

Until then, I’ll be practicing for my Jeopardy audition. After today’s preview, I think this is certainly a potential career. Hopefully it will go better than my GopherGotTalent audition.


Gopher Girl

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