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Late Night Theater and an Early Morning Race on the 7th Day of Classes!

Saturday, August 12th, 2017

All the runners from the road race!

Greetings, fellow earthlings!

Luna Bug is here and ready to report on what’s going on here at HVC!

Yesterday’s lazy day went swimmingly, including pool activities (ba da chhh!) and the Backyard Hang. After that it was time for evening meeting. It was a pretty standard meeting, except we heard from our Cabin Inspectors *do do do do do inspector cabin, do do do do do do doooo* Down Under won cleanest cabin for the younger half and Taj Mahal won cleanest for the older half! Woohoo!

After evening meeting we had an absolutely amazing dinner- a standout of the summer! We had sopes, also sometimes known as picaditas. It is a traditional Mexican dish that has fairly thick tortilla with meat, cotija cheese, pico de gallo, and so much more! It was so delicious, and to top it all off we had brownies!

After that we all headed over to the rec hall for the play Charlotte’s Web. It was a fantastic performance, and it was clear that everyone had worked incredibly hard to make it happen. The Backstage Ninja crew made some beautiful sets, and the costume design class came up with and created some of the coolest costumes we’ve seen. And let’s not forget about the whole cast of the play! They all had a wonderful performance and it was so cool to see our cabin mates and fellow campers up on stage acting.

After that it was off to bed, ready to seize another day of regular classes!

However, today began in no ordinary way. Our camp is in a town called Montville (even though our post office is in Freedom, ME!) and today is Montville Field Day. There’s a whole lot that goes on in town, but where camp gets involved is with the road race! About 40 of our campers had an early breakfast, and then got bused up camp road to participate in the race along with about 10 other runners from the town of Montville. The race is about 2 miles and all 40 campers completed the race!  It was so much fun! Everybody got bused back to camp, had some granola bars, and then either showered or headed off to second period. The winners will be announced tonight at camp meeting, so I’ll report on the standings tomorrow.


Today we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming of classes, and tonight is the musical, which is the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. Everybody here is so excited to see this production!

We’ll report back on that, and much more, tomorrow!


Luna Bug

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