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Last Night We Spun the Wheel, Today We Will be Lazy!

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Pick me, Gruesome!

Hey there everyone! Cara B. here with a super exciting update about the Wheel of Misfortune!

Last night we spun the wheel! The Wheel of Misfortune is a super special evening program that many campers and staff look forward to all session. The night began with different acts performed outside the Rec Hall. There was a woodsman in overalls throwing water balloons off the Rec Hall roof, two folks camping out on top of the pottery studio eating a roast chicken, a mysterious woman on the roof of the Hilton bathroom, and some interns from some corporation called “Jigsaw Laboratories.” The two guys in charge of the lab led gathered everyone together and led us into the Rec Hall once it was time for the show to begin. The story quickly unfolded- four friends planning to spend the weekend at a strange cabin in the woods were in for a strange vacation. Campers were selected by Gruesome, our resident camp-creature, to participate in whacky and gross games led by Peter and the lab dudes, who we learned were controlling everything that was happening to the friends in the cabin! We also learned that different items in the cabin, like a diary and a wrench, triggered different cruel fates for the friends. In order to make the friends stay inside, campers created a storm in a game involving ice blocks. In order to get the friends to go outside, campers created stink bombs out of different stinky items. There was also an egg roulette game, where campers smashed eggs on their heads to see whether they were raw or boiled, a game involving sorting different beans in bowls of cottage cheese, cleaning condiments off of t-shirts, sibling flossing, and more! In the end, the remaining friends who survived figured out the charade, and got the lab’s interns to turn against their bosses- vengeance was served! After each game and plenty of whipped cream pies to the face, campers were awarded prizes for their cabins offered by our staff. Mama Iguana and I will be sure to let you know all about them as they are given out over the next couple of weeks.

Good thing today is a lazy day- we all needed a rest after all of that excitement last night! We woke up late and enjoyed breakfast burritos outside in the sunshine. The younger half headed off to Lake St. George for a day of swimming, playing on the playground, friendship bracelet making, guitar strumming, and frisbee throwing! Meanwhile on camp, after a big cabin clean, the older half headed to the backyard for a sci-fi and fantasy themed lazy day! There was Jedi marker-fencing and “space disk” frisbee for Star Wars, fantasy “Middle Earth” map making from Lord of the Rings, water ballon “archery” for the Hunger Games, origami dragon making from Game of Thrones, dinosaur egg rock painting for Jurassic Park, and finally, for Harry Potter, wand making, house sorting, and a huge game of Quidditch. Everyone had a blast!

After lunch and an extra long rest period, the older half will head down to the pool to hang out and cool off. The younger half will be returning from the lake soon for a big cabin clean and an extra long rest period. Tonight is Valleyfest, our camper talent show! Mama Iguana and I glanced at the list of performers and we have a ton of campers participating- how awesome! I can’t wait to see what everyone will be doing, stay tuned to each all about it tomorrow. For now, enjoy photos from the wheel of misfortune, sci-fi/fantasy day, and the five year vests!

Climbing away,

Cara B. Ner

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