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Just another normal day at HVC…for now…

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Granny and Willy Wonka at Candy Crush!

What a beautiful day we’re having today! Luna Bug here buzzing in for the early report on this clear and blue morning.

Yesterday we had a delightful night doing a bunch of different things all around camp. The Burrow, Down Under, French Quarter, Paquatahnee, Loons, Wombles, Avalon, and LCH all took part in Candy Crush while the older half did individual Cabin Nights. For Candy Crush each cabin was tasked with collecting candy, or brightly colored plastic balls, hidden around camp. However, Oompa Loompas were out and about ready to take some of the candy and Challengers were there to give out candy to worthy cabins! If a cabin was tagged by an Oompa Loompa or a Challenger then the cabin had to complete a special task like saying the alphabet backwards or naming 5 countries starting with the letter L. If the cabin was successful than they would either get to keep or get more candy!

Here’s what everyone got up to for cabin night:

Bermuda Triangle and Chateau Fiasco played a big inter-cabin game of Manhunt.

 Forbidden Planet played Capture the Flag

Deer Meadows made dinner in their house…I hear steaks were involved

Fiddler’s Green made mosaic projects

Gimme Shelter did Tipi Zip line and painted a mural while riding down it

Wabanaki had a game night

Camelot and Shangri-La watched Bend It Like Beckham in a joint movie night

Valhalla made slime and then hung out in the sauna

Taj Mahal made smoothies

Haley’s Comet had a musical singalong

Check out the photos below from most of the cabin nights.

After a whirlwind of a night we all headed back to our cabins. We needed to rest up because today is….BAGEL SUNDAY! Aah yes folks, today is the day of fluffy goodness and creamy cheesiness. Whether you prefer the lox spread or the garlic spread, sesame or poppy seed, tomato or onion, Bagel Sunday is a glorious day that brings smiles to our faces. Armed with carby goodness, HVC is off to our 3rd day of classes.

This just in! We have an update on our teen program Community and what they’ve been up to. The crew, led by Celie, Billy, Mel D., and Courtney F., just got back from Acadia where they completed around 6 hours of trail maintenance work on top of simply getting to camp out in the park. There are photos below, and overall, it seemed like a really cool and interesting opportunity.

So, here we are, heading into this normal calm day….but, this day will only stay this way for a few more hours. Why’s that? Well, tonight is the WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE *cue evil laughter and thunder schvitz* !!!!   We’ll all gather in the rec hall for a night of gross games and creepy stories. The theme for the wheel is Stranger Things, and Olive and I are excited beyond belief for it!

Check back in tomorrow for photos from tonight!

Forever buzzing,


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