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Thursday, July 6th, 2023


For all of our sweet tooths on camp, this is your lucky day!!! It’s common to see chocolate in the corners of people’s mouths today… but it is definitely framing a smile. With an assortment of sugary cereal, donuts and pop tarts, Junk Food Day began with a bang. Campers created crazy Junk Food Day creations by combining and stacking Lucky Charms, Donuts, Pop Tarts, and even soft boiled eggs! 

Campers can’t wait to indulge in hots dogs (or veggie dogs), chips, oreos, fluffernutter sandwiches and the grand finale (*drum roll please*) ice cream sundaes!!!!

Today is also the last day of classes! It’s been an awesome two weeks and campers will be able to sign up for new classes tomorrow. 

Don’t forget to check out pictures from Electives and classes!!! At Electives campers made glass beads, flower crowns, s’mores, played the essential game of capture the flag, and even washed a car! Muskingum got to go on Peter’s Secret Tour…stops on the tour include The End of the World and the roof!!! As tradition goes, we finished the night by singing Farthest Field

Also check back tomorrow to hear all about Sharing Night: an evening program where we share what we have been working on in the first two weeks of classes.  

Stay sweet!!! 

The Dining Hall Dragon




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