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Thursday, August 3rd, 2023


It’s…JUNK FOOD DAY!!! After getting our donut, pop tart and sugar cereal fix this special morning, we’re all sugar-fueled to enjoy this extra sunny day ahead of us to the fullest!! (See the evidence below!)

Oh yeah – we also had a jolly time at Electives last night! With paint and cheer-filled games of Capture the Flag for the younger and older halves in addition to vibey artistic pursuits (e.g. splatter-painting) and some classic (e.g. soccer, campfire cooking) and quirky offerings (e.g. mom dancing and hill-rolling), everyone received their dose of evening fun and then some!!

When gathered at the gazebo upon the bell’s summon, we witnessed the jovial distribution of HVC-merch raffle prizes from Arcade Day plus a handful of camper-sourced Dad Jokes – some (allegedly) authentic – before joining in a heartfelt harmony to the lilting tune of ‘The Farthest Field’.

Also: today is our last day of classes before picking new ones for the next two weeks! As such, we’re wrapping up projects, continuing to create everlasting memories and if applicable, preparing for Sharing Night this evening! We’re super excited to gather at the outdoor rec hall stage and to cheer on our friends – or get on stage for them – to mark this turning point in high spirits.

On that note, we’re getting ready for a bigger bittersweet transition tomorrow when we’ll bid farewell to some of our campers and welcome new ones for the last two weeks! More details soon!

Stay swell, 

H.V. Scribe




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