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Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

GOOD MORNING HVC!!! It’s Mag-O-Llama here with some really cool updates on what’s been happening around camp 🙂

Sunday night here at HVC, a plant came to life to help our fellow counselor Abby make some friends for her birthday party… however, the plant ended up being an evil mastermind that caused a huge ruckus during the evening program! Which was… you guessed it! THE WHEEL OF MISFORTUNE!!!!!! Campers got to experience all the wacky games, planting monstrous yuckies, untangling slime, eating chocolate pudding from diapers and smelling counselors armpits!!!! Campers also got to floss their sibling’s teeth, pie some counselors in the face, and learn all about the wild plant that turned the AWACs and counselors into plant zombies!!!!!! Check out the silly pictures below!!

Yesterday morning, we started off our lazy day by eating a SUPER YUMMY breakfast (it was blueberry muffins, my favorite!!!) then we all made our way to the movie theatre to see the best movie to ever exist….. Toy Story 4!!!!!! After the campers enjoyed their movie, we came back to camp to enjoy some pool activities and clean our cabins! To make the day even cooler, we enjoyed all the wonderful talents that Hidden Valley has to offer with….. VALLEYFEST!!! Campers showed us all their stuff in our exciting camper talent show! Check out pictures below.

This morning we enjoyed EGG BAR!! And now we’re back to business with our fourth day of classes!!

It’s time for me to hang out with the other Llamas!

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